Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Denver: "Hottest Home-Buying Market in the U.S."

A story put out by the Denver Business Journal shows that Metro Denver is the hottest home-buying market in the country, according to a ranking from released Monday. takes several factors into consideration when determining the ranking, including supply and demand, the number of views per listing on its website and the median age of inventory in each market.
Denver was ranked in the No. 1 position in both May and April as well.
Only two other states, Texas and Michigan, have two cities on the ranking. "Denver resoundingly maintained the top ranking as inventory there shave six days off the median age while listing views grew 7 percent over April," said in a release. "Denver is experiencing substantial economic growth, and the tight supply of housing is resulting in the fastest moving inventory in the country. Additionally, Boulder places at No. 13, up four spots from No. 17 last month."
The median price of a home nationwide rose 7 percent to $228,000, according to the report. In April, the median price of a home in metro Denver was $361,000, according to the Denver Metro Association of Realtors.
Following Denver on the ranking for residential real estate markets were the San Francisco and San Jose metro areas.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Denver is #1 Single-Family Housing Market in U.S. highlights the "hottest" and most flourishing major single-family markets based on current and expected future housing measures. Of the 49 largest U.S. markets, the five emerging at the top of the rankings have shown consistently strong demand, home price appreciation, and economic and demographic growth. Three of the top five ranking markets are located within the Southwest region, and two are located in the Southeast.
"The five top rated markets display strongly rising home prices, favorable affordability, strong housing demand and excellent economic and demographic conditions for future demand," according to’s report.
The top five single-family housing markets, which reflect a strong, healthy single-family market likely for the next few years, are:
1. Denver, Colo.
Home price growth year-over-year: 9.2%
Home sales growth year-over-year: 4.6%
2. San Antonio, Texas
Home price growth year-over-year: 4.3%
Home sales growth year-over-year: 5.5%
3. Nashville, Tenn.
Home price growth year-over-year: 6.2%
Home sales growth year-over-year: 4%
4. Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
Home price growth year-over-year: 7.8%
Home sales growth year-over-year: 2.3%
5. Dallas, Texas
Home price growth year-over-year: 7.3%
Home sales growth year-over-year: 5.5%