Monday, July 20, 2009

Denver Ranked #1 for real estate rebound

First, what are the characteristics that make a city rebound and revitalize?

1) Job growth potential -related to real estate value in every way.

2) A growing population

3) Good weather

Lots of 1st time home buyers - the most important people in market place

5) No overbuilding of condos or office spaces (not happening in Denver)

6) Vital downtowns

7) Well-educated population

Large number of foreclosures early - those cities that went down first usually come out first.

So Denver has all of the above characteristics: Our population grows about 2% per year. We have a huge employment base. Great weather. Very vital downtown (just go there on a Friday night). A well-educated population - due to both being a university/college town. Tons of youth and young adults. One of the biggest park systems in the nation. Endless outdoor activities for all 4 seasons. And it's one of the most affordable desired cities in the west (cheaper than all our cometitors, including Phoenix, L.A., San Diego, Las Vegas, Seatle, and Salt Lake City).