Friday, June 11, 2010

27 Reasons to Love Colorado in the Summer! - 5280

5280- "Colorado's white-washed winters are the stuff great travel brochures are made of: rosy-cheeked skiers schussing down powdery runs, frosted pine trees swaying in the wind, frozen lakes glistening in the afternoon sun. But Denverites know that our state's glorious summer is every bit the equal of those famous winters—and, dare we say it, maybe even a little bit sweeter. For 12 weeks (and sometimes well into late September), the thermometer hovers somewhere around perfectly comfortable; the air smells of forsythia, lilac, and freshly cut grass; and we revel in an all-too-short season full of hiking, camping, fishing, cycling, patio dining, festival-going, and flat-out sun worshipping. So sit back, kick your feet up with one of Breckenridge Brewery's 471 IPAs (#6)—or lace up your hiking boots (#13)—and enjoy."