Thursday, August 12, 2010

Zillow: "Denver is the Best Market between the Coasts"

The Denver-area housing market showed the most appreciation of any major market outside of four California cities and Boston (though each of those 5 cities are much higher-priced then Denver), according to Zillow.  Denver-area homes gained an average of 2.5% in the second quarter from the same period in 2009.  Nationally, home values dropped 3.2%.  

Denver’s ranking no surprise
Denver’s relative performance to most markets, ”does not surprise me,” said Lane Hornung, president of 8Z Real Estate and an owner of “Especially when you take out San Francisco, San Diego and Boston – where  home prices have been fallen so much more, so now that they have started to recover, their increases are amplified so much more, Denver really is one of the better performing cities relative to other places in the country. Denver is starting to show nice, steady appreciation, without the huge amount of ups and downs as some other places.”