Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tips for Selling Your House during the Holidays

While other sellers might be taking their homes off the market during the winter months thinking that there are no serious buyers out there (and that it's just too cold), sellers who keep their homes on the market during winter enjoy even more traffic, and are dealing with very serious buyers who brave the cold because they want to buy.
Here are some tips to make your home even more attractive during the winter months:
1) Turn on the lights: No one likes a dark house. Counter winter’s cloudy and short days by turning on all of the lights in a home for each showing. Also, keep the lights in the front of the house on so buyers and agents can easily navigate their way to your house, and not trip or slip on anything. 
2) Have a place for shoes: You don't want buyers to bring the weather into your home. Make it easy for them to take their shoes off with a festive area rug at the front door for example. You can also have slippers or disposable booties available, along with a bench or chair, if there is room for one, where a visitor can sit and easily remove or put on their boots.
3) Cultivate a Festive Look: Appropriate decorations for Christmas time will make buyers feel at home, and give your home a cheerful, warm feel even if it is cold and dark outside. But don't go to excess. 
4) Watch for odors: Homes can get stuffy in the winter, especially with pet odors. Use a room fragrance if needed, but nothing too strong, and clean a bit more during the winter months. 
5) Don’t make it too toasty: Keeping the heat on too high may make buyers uncomfortable. You can keep the temperature at a comfortable 65 degrees during your showings. Potential buyers will most likely be wearing their winter coats when they tour the house so no reason to make them sweat. 
6) Cookies always make people happy: If you can, leave some cookies out to give the buyers some yummy in their tummy while they are browsing your home, giving them some more good spirits!

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