Friday, January 27, 2012

New Tax Credit!!

There is a new tax credit that is here, and may even be better than the old $8000 tax credit for first-time home buyers!

The CHFA Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) program will help you save money each year that you live in your home! With the MCC program you can claim up to 20% of your paid mortgage interest each year as a tax credit on your federal IRS tax returns. The remaining 80% is still eligible for the home mortgage interest deduction. 

Every year, you may claim a dollar-for-dollar reduction of income tax liability on 20% of the mortgage interest on your first mortgage, reducing the amount of federal taxes owed. 

The CHFA MCC program is for first time homebuyers purchasing a home, non-first time buyers purchasing intargeted areas of Colorado or for eligible veterans purchasing in targeted or non-targeted areas of Colorado. 

The CHFA MCC can be used with a CHFA First Mortgage Loan, except CHFA FirstStep and CHFA FirstStep Plus, or the MCC can be issued in conjunction with certain other first mortgage loans independent of CHFA. 

These programs have income and purchase price limits. Certain targeted areas have different income and purchase price limits and no first time homebuyer requirements. These areas are determined by census tract. To learn more, please visit our Census Tract Search page

You could be subject to the Federal Recapture Tax if and when you sell your home. 

I know some lenders who waive the $500 fee for you!