Thursday, September 5, 2013

How Much Would a Mortgage Really Cost Me?

Sometimes people hear the word "mortgage" and think of huge numbers, like $2,500/month! But you may be very surprised at what a real mortgage payment would cost you. It may even be cheaper than what you're paying right now for rent!

Yet it is true: some mortgage estimates and calculators can be inaccurate. 

Here is a fabulous and realistic total monthly payment calculator (including taxes and insurance, and mortgage insurance if applicable) you can use to properly assess what your total monthly mortgage will look like.  
FYI: Rates are at about 4.25%-4.5% right now.

Remember, credit also affects the kind of interest rate you can get. If your credit is bad, email me for several ways to improve your credit score!

Click on "Mortgage" on the calculator below and plug in your numbers!

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