Wednesday, December 4, 2013

4 Staging Tips for Sellers During Winter

Winter is here! Be prepared to put a bit more effort in selling your home given the unpredictable weather. Good news is that most buyers looking in the winter are serious enough about finding a new home at a time most people would rather stay inside. And anyway, you can heat up the chances of selling your home in winter with smart staging strategies. Here are a few tips to make your home sparkle in the snow:

1) Start with the exterior and clear a path
This will be the first tip an agent can give you. As with any time of the year, make sure that your home looks well maintained and cared for. Just like trimming the lawn in the summer, you should keep the snow and ice at bay in the winter. If a potential buyer can’t get easily (or if he even falls), then expect that the house won’t sell. Always, always make sure that the walkways are safe. Curb appeal is very important, first impressions last!

2) Take advantage of the holiday season – DECORATE!
Make it festive but don’t go overboard! Elegant holiday decorations can add festivity to your home. A simple wreath, twinkling lights, or lightly scented holiday candles can make buyers feel welcome and lift up their spirits. Your home should be as inviting as possible so buyers can envision living in your home.

3) Warm it up
Warm and cozy is the key! Before the buyer sees your home, adjust the thermostat to a comfortable level – between 67 and 70 degrees. Do not light candles and start the fireplace for obvious safety reasons. Instead, you can highlight a functional fireplace. If possible, turn on all the lights.  Even during the day – winter days can provide dim lighting.  Pull back the drapes to let as much natural light as possible.  Let’s face it – nice natural light and warmth will help your home make a better presentation.  

4) Make it festive
Lastly, winter is the prime time for festive parties. Showcase the entertaining possibilities of your home by setting the dinner table with good china and silver. You would want to reflect the possibilities your home has for entertaining guests. Have a plate of cookies ready for your guests, or even some warm cider and hot coffee if the weather is cold.
There’s no reason to wait until spring before you sell your home.  As an expert, I can help you sell your home even on the grayest days. Call me so I can discuss my marketing strategies and how we can take advantage of the holiday season to get you a premium price for your house.