Monday, March 3, 2014

They're Back: Downpayment Assistance Programs!

If you are paying higher rents than mortgage payments, but can't buy a house because you don't have the downpayment, then you are IN LUCK! Downpayment assistance programs are BACK! Everything from grants which will pay your entire downpayment and even closing costs, to programs that will wrap the downpayment in the loan for only an extra $30-$40/month! It will still be cheaper than renting!

There are so many different programs, so email me and I can send you the best ones for you! There are even low and high income limits, so most everyone can qualify!

No more excuses! Trulia's Rent vs Buy study says it is 43% CHEAPER to buy than to rent right now in the Denver area! Email me to see if you qualify!