Thursday, December 20, 2018

Hot or Not?

Here's Your Market Pulse
from Denver Metro Association of Realtors

While the headlines are correct saying the market is slowing and housing is softening.. I have a better headline, one that in the context of the DMAR Market Trends Data released December 5th is still correct.  That headline is WIN-WIN. This is a great market, in fact a winning market for both sellers and buyers.   

Sellers have been blessed with strong appreciation since 2012.  Some years double digit appreciation.  So if you are considering selling that home and moving into the home of your dreams or cashing out and optimizing your equity, now is the time.  We are starting to see a seasonal slowdown, a move towards a balanced market.

So as the market shifts (month over month median home prices slowed slightly by 1.25%, average home prices down by 1.64%) now is a great time to sell and take advantage of the equity in your home.  Year to date 2018 we have gained 8.68% on average; this is incredible wealth gain for any investment.

Sellers: there are still buyers out there!  In fact, last month 3,964 homes went under contract compared to 3,909 new homes listed.

Buyers: As a perspective, the current Freddie Mac average rate is 4.81.  One year ago, it was .91% lower.  That change in rates costs an average borrower 11% more every month in their monthly payment.  Freddie Mac is estimating rates will go up to 5.5% next year.  This in turn will cost a borrower 8% more every month.With future appreciation opportunities at today’s interest rates and prices, buyers have the opportunity to gain incredible wealth.  

This is not the time to sit on the sidelines; but jump in as buyer, seller, or both as we edge into a balanced market.