Wednesday, March 16, 2011

78% of U.S. Homeowners Describe Home as the BEST Investment They Ever Made

Since 2009, Trulia has tracked American attitudes towards homeownership in its biannual American Dream survey. What they found this time around is that despite the nightmarish housing market, 70% of Americans still view owning a home as part of their personal American Dream, and 78% of homeowners describe their home as the best investment they ever made. Moreover, they saw positive signals for recovery from Millennials (young adults aged 18-34), with 88% of them being aspiring home owners. There is also many great signs of a new wave of home buying. 70% of renters in the West (including Colorado) are planning to buy a home. And in the South, the number is even higher at 79%.  The Midwest and Northeast weren't too far off, at 67% each. 

These are definitely signs that Americans have not given up their hopes in the benefits of owning a home, and not paying someone else's mortgage for them.