Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Denver Gets More Sun Per Year than These Cities...

When I talk to out of state friends about Denver, they usually imagine a village on top of a mountain in Antarctica. It's hard to believe - if you are not from Denver - that Denver gets over 300 days of sun a year. And to put that into perspective, these are the cities that get LESS sun per year than Denver does:
  1. San Diego, California (uhh, really?)
  2. Kahului, Hawaii (you have got to be joking)
  3. Tampa, Florida (umm..Spring break)
  4. San Juan, Puerto Rico
  5. Dallas, Texas
  6. San Antonio, Texas
  7. Houston, Texas
  8. Cheyenne, Wyoming 
  9. Winnemucca, Nevada
  10. Jacksonville, Florida
  11. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 
  12. Salt Lake City, Utah
  13. San Francisco, California
  14. Atlanta, Georgia
  15. Columbia, South Carolina

We may not have 90 degree weather each and everyday, but everyone who lives in Denver