Thursday, March 22, 2012

Employment Forecast for Denver-Metro is 5th Best in Country!

The Denver-Aurora metropolitan job market is expected to be among the strongest in the nation, according to a quarterly Manpower Employment Outlook Survey for Denver released today.

More than 140 employers in the Denver area were interviewed about their hiring intentions for the next quarter, with 18% interviewed saying they planned to hire.
Among the survey participants, the Denver-Aurora employment is the fifth best in the nation, according to the report.
From April to June, 18% of the companies interviewed plan to hire more employees, while none expect to reduce staff.
Another 78% expect to maintain their current workforce levels and four percent are not certain of their hiring plans.
This yields a Net Employment Outlook of 18%, said the survey, compared to a Net Employment Outlook for the nation of 10%.

"The employment forecast for the second quarter is much brighter compared to the first quarter of 2012 when the Net Employment Outlook was seven percent," said Manpower spokesperson Cori Charvat. "Employers expect stronger employment prospects compared with one year ago and the Net Employment Outlook was eleven percent."

The report said that for the coming quarter, job prospects appear best in construction, durable goods manufacturing, non-durable goods manufacturing, transportation and utilities, wholesale and retail trade, information and financial activities.

Hiring in education and health services is expected to remain unchanged.

Nationwide, according to the Manpower Employment Outlook Survey, of the more than 18,000 employers surveyed, 18% expect to add to their workforce, and six percent expect a decline in their payrolls during the second quarter of 2012.
72% of employers anticipate making no changes in staff, and the remaining four percent of employers are undecided about their hiring plans. When seasonal variations are removed from the data, the Net Employment Outlook is +10% nationwide, similar to the first quarter Net Employment Outlook of +9%, said the report.
(Howard Pankratz)