Thursday, July 26, 2012

4 Major Tips on Selling Your Home Now

Worried you'll have to spend thousands getting your house ready to sell? Worry no longer. Here are 4 major tips that will help you get your house ready to sell for cheap!

1) Disconnect your emotions
I know it'a hard, but the more you can disconnect your emotions from the sale of the home (it is a sale, after all), the easier the entire process will be. Though your house means a lot to you, it also needs to be marketed and bought, so you can move forward toward your goals. A home sale can never take away your memories and experience. 

2) Declutter: Make your home their potential home
Homebuyers want to make sure their stuff can fit in your home, and don't want to feel overwhelmed by too many things. Put most everything in boxes to give an open, spacious feel, especially to the kitchen, which is the most important room in the house. 
Also make sure to declutter closets, cabinets, and maybe put extra furniture in storage. Buyers will open everything, and the more clutter there is, the less likely they will be able to see it as their home. 

3) Should I do repairs? 
Especially in this hot market, you don't have to repair everything. However, buyers will turn anything with a knob or handle, including faucets. Make sure faucets aren't leaking (a very cheap fix buying new washers), and sinks are clean and shiny (who likes dirty sinks?). 

-Consider painting rooms if the paint is really old or stained. You can also try to wash the stains out. 
-Spend a couple hours doing a spring cleaning: clean windows, bathrooms (especially any mildew or grime), kitchen, and floors. 
-Spray WD-40 on any windows or door hinges that creak or don't open easily. 
-For pet owners, be sure your liters are out of the house, and keep odors out as much as possible, using carpet powders as necessary. 

-Curb appeal is everything. Take a walk across the street and see what buyers are going to see looking at your home. If there is anything odd or unattractive, fix it or move it. Make sure the lawn looks nice and bushes are trimmed. If the paint looks really bad, consider a paint job. 

4) Should I start high?
 Try your hardest not to price high. Although some people think pricing as high as they can is the best choice, what it actually does is intimidate buyers. Make sure you get a precise market valuation of your home (call me) and use that to price it right. Having many buyers fighting for your home is much better than many waiting for the price to drop. 

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