Thursday, July 12, 2012

How Many Houses are Being Bought Right Now in Metro Denver and Boulder?

Denver Metro(including surrounding suburbs):
Total Homes For Sale: 15,457
Total Under Contract Right Now: 7,425
For Sale and not yet under contract: 8,032
Sold in the Last Month3,427 (wow)

Boulder (including Louisville and Lafayette):
Total Homes For Sale1,553
Total Under Contract Right Now: 432
For Sale and not yet under contract: 1,121 
Sold in the Last Month322 (wow)

What these numbers show is a continued hot market in which almost 50% of the homes for sale are presently under contract (being bought right now). In addition, the number of solds in just the last month is astounding. Houses are being bought at a fascinating pace. This means that it is a good time for sellers to sell (assuming their asking price is reasonable) and buyers still desire to take advantage of phenomenal mortgage rates and save money by owning vs. renting (it is much cheaper to own than to rent right now). 

Dont sleep on this one! Take advantage now!