Tuesday, April 26, 2016

East Colfax Housing Market Trends

East Colfax, Colorado

This first graph shows average days on the market (ADOM) in contrast with median listing price for a period of about 5 years. The market in this neighborhood is all over the place, however there is a decrease in the ADOM after 2012 and an increase in the average listing price over time. We see this in the second graph as well. 

This graph gives a closer look at the number of active listings over the same 5 year period. After 2012, there was a brief period of high demand and low inventory, but this changed dramatically in 2013. Now the market is back to being high price and low inventory. 

In this final graph, we are shown the history of average listing prices for homes in this area. Although there is some jumping around in this depiction, there is a clear incline of listing prices as time moves forward.